Science Odessey 2017

Event Date: Fri, 2017-05-12 08:30 to Sun, 2017-05-21 17:00


Welcome to Science Odyssey 2017

2017 is a great year to celebrate in Canada! Our science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) community will bring you hundreds, even thousands of reasons to be proud to be Canadian!

During ten days from May 12 to May 21, 2017, Science Odyssey will reunite partners from universities and colleges, museums and science centres, libraries, teachers and students from schools across Canada, government departments, community organizations, science promoters, researchers and scientists, all with the goal of celebrating science.

Science Odyssey, a success story in the making

In 2016 the first edition of Science Odyssey mobilized over 300 partners in more than 200 communities across Canada to bring over 600 events to the general public reaching every province and territory. We want to build on this momentum and make Science Odyssey 2017 even bigger and better.

  • Science Odyssey brings together in a national campaign and under a single umbrella, multiple partners that share similar mandates and objectives. Together, we contribute to fostering a strong science culture in Canada.
  • Science Odyssey enables the participation of the Canadian STEM community to create synergies in showcasing scientific research and technological activities to the public.
  • Science Odyssey provides the opportunity to the public to participate in hands-on scientific experiences, attend conferences, talks and seminars, benefit from multiple open doors activities and explore sites and locations otherwise not accessible to the public.
  • Science Odyssey contributes to bring STEM activities closer to our schools with fun, engaging and inspiring activities to students and teachers alike.
Science Odessey 2017