Software Developer - Medical Devices

Job Type: Full Time

Location: London/Toronto


Responsible as a member of a project team(s) to design and integrate software solutions, ensuring the solution meets all business, customer, user, quality, regulatory and/or standards requirements. The role will include the design of high quality software systems (code, unit tests, flowcharts, timing diagrams, memory analysis, etc.), integration of software systems with other modules/system (mechanical, electrical, software), and the development of software system and project related documentation (e.g. design specifications, detailed designs, work instructions, test plans and reports).  This role will also be responsible for the ongoing monitoring and maintenance of software solutions that meet or exceed company, quality, regulatory, industry and customer expectations.  This role has the potential to lead a small team of software developers to deliver on customer projects.  This would include, in the future, working more closely with Product Management to develop the product from an earlier phase.


Undergraduate University Degree in Computer Science, Computer/Software or related Engineering


3-5 years industry experience

Skills & Knowledge: 


  • Fluent in C/C++/C#
  • Knowledge of VTK, ITK, & scripting languages
  • Experience with computer vision & image processing techniques


  • Industry experience with ISO 13485, IEC 62304
  • Experience leading a small team of software developers
  • Experience with GPU coding (CUDA or other)
  • Experience with machine learning algorithms
  • Knowledge of GIT, PHP, VLC Silverlight, DICOM, QT, GDCM
  • Knowledge of hardware interfacing (such as with Ultrasound systems)
  • Ability to design software architectures

How To Apply: 

Please submit résumé and cover letter in PDF format to

Software Developer_Job Canvas_13Oct2015.pdf