Project Overview: 

NerveVision, a company based in Toronto, Ontario, is developing the first software platform capable of reconstructing and visualizing accurate longitudinal 3D renderings of peripheral nerve anatomy, post-processed from a standard MRI acquisition.

NerveVision’s software is a tool for segmenting, visualizing, and measuring nerve anatomy in MR slice images from axial, sagittal, or coronal views.  The application allows the user to perform nerve masking, contour delineation, and segmentation of nerve tissue images. The software will permit the region of interest to be mapped, measured, and analyzed, allowing enhanced clinical interpretation and treatment planning.

Need or Opportunity: 

Existing imaging technology is limited in its ability to provide optimal display of peripheral nerves in various planes due to their small size, low contrast, and complex course. Currently, nerves are visualized using axial cross-sections for primary detailed assessment of the nerves.

Using high resolution longitudinal 3D ultrasound visualizations to place regions of interest on axial images where they are best and reliably identified will also help solve issues with nerve identification and depiction along the long axis and will allow physicians to pinpoint nerve disruptions in advance of treatment.

NerveVision originally approached CIMTEC for its extensive software development capabilities and has ended up using its clinical testing services as well.


For the first NerveVision product, CIMTEC has developed and is executing a post-market clinical validation study of the software for MR images of both the median nerve travelling through the carpal tunnel and the ulnar nerve.
The statistical analysis and final summary report will be appropriate for developing compelling marketing collateral to drive clinical adoption of the device.

CIMTEC’s report will include validated statements with respect to the following:

  • Volumetric measurement variability;
  • Variability across zoom levels;
  • Time required for segmentation;
  • Intra- and inter-observer variability; and
  • Accuracy of segmentation.


NerveVisionTM is a proprietary, patented, post-processing software platform.  Available for clinical and research use, this FDA cleared program reconstructs and segments 3D images of peripheral nerves.   NerveVisionTM outlines the path of the nerve and locates abnormalities including inflamation all via a vendor neutral platform.