The Best of 2016

 As we look forward to a new and exciting year in the world of imaging innovations and digital pathology, we reflect back on accomplishments in 2016: 

  • The Centre for Imaging Technology Commercialization (CIMTEC) partners with KalGene Pharmaceuticals and the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) to develop, scale up, and transfer the technology needed to manufacture a promising novel Alzheimer’s treatment.  CIMTEC will continue to provide brain imaging services throughout the clinical trials which are expected to get underway in 2017 at the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital (McGill University). 

  • 3D Signature’s TeloView ™, which was developed and designed with assistance from CIMTEC, successfully distinguished between two types of deadly lung cancer – synchronous lung AC and metastatic AC – it is important to accurately identify as only synchronous lung cancer benefits from surgical resection.   These preliminary results suggest that 3DS has a promising molecular imaging technology that has potential to help clinicians personalize treatments for a significant portion of lung cancer patients and potentially improve outcomes in one of the most deadly forms of lung cancer

  • CIMTEC’s Michael Waterston met with Minister Moridi (Ontario Minister of Research, Innovation and Science) to discuss a vision for a Life Science Research Commercialization Hub in Thunder Bay, along with Richard Longtin (Director of Government Relations, Lakehead University), Dr. Andrew P. Dean (Vice President, Research and Innovation, Lakehead University); and, Dr. Alla Reznik (Canada Research Chair in Physics of Molecular Imaging, Lakehead University).

  • The CIMTEC team presented data looking at developing machine learning algorithms to assist with the quantification of immunohistochemistry at the inaugural Pathology Matters meeting hosted by the Ontario Molecular Pathology Research Network (OMPRN) on October 19th-20th 2016.

  • CIMTEC client 3D Signatures Inc. (DXD) commenced trading on the TSX Venture Exchange on September 13th 2016.  Net proceeds from the offering of common shares will be used to fund clinical trials in addition to general working capital.

  • CIMTEC client Densitas was recognized as one of  2016’s “best and brightest in medical imaging” (2016 Minnie’s Best New Radiology Software)

  • CIMTEC provided seed funding to their client Radialis which was spun out in February 2016 and founded in partnership with Lakehead University and the Thunder Bay Regional Research Institute.  Based on Dr. Alla Reznik’s research to develop Positron Emission Mammography or PEM, Radialis with the assistance of CIMTEC is developing a breast imaging alternative that addresses the shortcomings of mammography. 

  • CIMTEC client Pathcore receives funding from the National Cancer Institute (the US government’s principal agency for cancer research).   The $4M (CAD) development project involves six leading cancer centres from across Canada and the U.S. and will allow Pathcore to expand the translation and validation of automated cancer diagnostics into clinical tools.  With this investment, Pathcore will be expanding their software and accelerating the translation of cutting edge research direct to patient care. The NIH rarely funds labs/companies outside of the USA so this further highlights the benefits of Pathcore’s platform. 

  • CIMTEC client Focal Healthcare received FDA clearance for their targeted prostate biopsy device, Fusion Bx TM. With the availability of Fusion Bx, clinicians are no longer limited to the traditional systematic biopsy approach for diagnosis, but can instead accurately take targeted biopsies directly from suspicious cancer regions within the prostate using MRI-ultrasound “fusion” technology.  Fusion biopsy has been shown to detect high-grade cancer in 30% more men compared to traditional systematic biopsy.

  • CIMTEC client Densitas received the CE Mark from the European Commission and a medical device license from Health Canada for its flagship product, DM-Density. DM-Density is Densitas’ first commercial product and is an invaluable tool that radiologists use when reviewing a woman’s mammogram to assess breast density. Accurately assessing breast density is an important part of the mammography process, as dense breasts have a higher risk of developing breast cancer. The process is underway for FDA clearance for DM-Density. 

Since inception in December 2010, CIMTEC has supported the launch of over 60 imaging companies, filling an unmet need in Canada's medical imaging sector.  CIMTEC supports and facilitates forward-thinking researchers, and enterprises, from start-ups to industry giants, in crafting their medical imaging innovations, formulating a viable commercial product primed for clinical use, leading to improved understanding, diagnosis and treatment of human disease.   

We thank our clients for putting their trust in us.  We celebrate their achievements as if they were our own.   We celebrate their triumphs in the past year and look forward to collaborating and further accomplishments in 2017.  We also gratefully acknowledge the support of our partners, including the Government of Canada through the Networks of Centres of Excellence and the Province of Ontario through the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research.  Your assistance and collaboration are fundamental to our success.  Gratitude is extended to all for your patronage. 

Change and innovation are cornerstones of our industry.  CIMTEC looks forward to 2017 and embraces the belief that: 

“To beat the competition and succeed in today's competitive market, you should be abreast with the change in the marketplace not forgetting about incorporating creativity and innovation as a lifestyle.”   ― Oscar Bimpong