Canadian Healthcare Technology Article: CIMTEC helps startups develop tech for cancer biopsy, treatments

False negative diagnoses for prostate cancer are an abiding issue and a significant area of unmet need, therefore improving biopsy and treatment for early stage prostate disease is the area of focus being explored by several companies here in Canada.

The Centre for Imaging Technology Commercialization (CIMTEC) has world-class expertise and intellectual property in minimally invasive 3D image-guided interventions and is helping several of its customers develop new imaging technologies that either focus on combining high-quality MR or CT images with the much cheaper and more versatile ultrasound, or other variations of ultrasound imaging, to substantially improve targeted biopsy and treatment options for prostate and liver cancers. The result of these innovative technologies is fewer appointments, more effective treatment with shorter recovery times, and overall better quality of life as a result of minimally invasive procedures as opposed to traditional open surgery.

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