CIMTEC Client 3D Signatures to Present Positive Results for Prostate Cancer Liquid Biopsy

WINNIPEG, Manitoba, Feb. 21, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- 3D Signatures Inc. (TSXV:DXD) (OTCQB:TDSGF) (FSE:3D0) (the "Company" or "3DS") is pleased to announce that later today Dr. Sabine Mai, its co-founder and principle inventor, will present the results of a prospective blood-based prostate cancer pilot study using the Company’s proprietary TeloViewTM software platform. The results will be presented at the 24th International Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference in San Francisco, CA. Based on blinded blood samples, TeloViewTMcorrectly predicted the stability and aggressiveness of disease for each of the study’s 50 intermediate risk prostate cancer patients.

A prospective prostate cancer patient cohort was assessed to evaluate TeloViewTM’s potential to blindly stratify 50 intermediate risk prostate cancer patients (Gleason 7, PSA <20) and monitor their disease progression or stability. Patients were recruited after informed consent, blood was drawn and circulating tumor cells (“CTCs”) were isolated prior to radical prostatectomy. CTCs were isolated from blood samples from each of the 50 patients.1 Surgery results correlated with the observed three-dimensional nuclear telomeric profiles from CTCs and indicated that the TeloView platform correctly identified each patient with stable vs. progressive disease (p=0.0175).

“These results are extremely encouraging,” stated Jason Flowerday, CEO of 3DS. “We believe that the TeloViewTM software platform is a disruptive technology. It is based on a universal structural biomarker, 3D telomere organization, that has generated impressive results across a number of diseases, with prostate cancer being one of our highest priorities.”

In previous clinical research, TeloViewTM has also demonstrated the ability to identify and profile multiple CTC clones within a single patient (heterogeneity)1,2 as well as the ability to monitor and quantify changes to 3D telomere profiles as a result of treatment (before and after).3 Based on clinical data produced by Dr. Mai and her colleagues, 3DS believes that TeloViewTM is a promising candidate for development as an accurate, blood-based risk-assessment and monitoring platform for prostate cancer.

As announced on October 19, 2016, TeleViewTM will be included in a multicenter Canada-wide prostate cancer clinical trial, known as PRECISE, to identify and monitor prostate cancer patients suitable for active surveillance.

About 3DS

3DS (TSXV:DXD) (OTCQB:TDSGF) (FSE:3D0) is a personalized medicine company with a proprietary software platform based on the three-dimensional analysis of chromosomal signatures. The technology is well developed and supported by 22 clinical studies on over 2,000 patients on 13 different cancers and Alzheimer’s disease. Depending on the desired application, this platform technology can measure the stage of disease, rate of progression of disease, drug efficacy, and drug toxicity. The technology is designed to predict the course of disease and to personalize treatment for the individual patient. For more information, visit the Company’s new website at

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1 Adebayo Awe J, Saranchuk J, Drachenberg D, Mai S. Filtration-based enrichment of circulating tumor cells from all prostate cancer risk groups. Urol Oncol. 2017 Feb 12. pii: S1078-1439 (16) 30415.

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