CIMTEC collaborating with Proteocyte Diagnostics on Straticyte test

CIMTEC is pleased to announce its collaboration with Proteocyte Diagnostics Inc., which has developed a novel diagnostic technology, called Straticyte™, that brings fundamental change to the management of head and neck cancer.

CIMTEC's team will share any insight and knowledge with the Proteocyte team, potentially offering a further refinement of the Straticyte test.

Michael Waterston, CIMTEC's Director of Business Development, said, "We are excited to be providing our image analysis expertise toward automating the predictive outcomes of Proteocyte’s Straticyte test. The collaboration between Proteocyte Diagnostics and CIMTEC will help accelerate progress on this robust tool for accurately predicting the progression of pre-cancerous oral lesions. We are proud to be involved in the development of another important technology that has the potential to profoundly impact patient care.”