Congratulations to Dr. Martin Yaffe!

Dr. Martin Yaffe, CIMTEC’s Associate Centre Director and Chief Scientific Officer, was elected an Honorary Fellow in The Society of Breast Imaging.  The Society is a US-based organization that represents the academic leaders in clinical breast cancer imaging internationally.  About this prestigious recognition Dr. Yaffe said, “For me, as a PhD researcher, it is a real honour to be included among people who have done so much to reduce the burden of this disease on women and their loved ones.”

In addition to his role at CIMTEC, Dr. Martin Yaffe is a Professor in the departments of Medical Biophysics and Medical Imaging at the University of Toronto and a Senior Scientist at the Sunnybrook Research Institute where he holds the Tory Family Chair in Cancer Research in the Imaging Research program. He is Director of the Smarter Imaging Research Program of the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research. He also has led the Physics Consulting Group for The Ontario Breast Screening Program since its inception in 1990.  His research on digital mammography helped move this new modality into clinical evaluation and widespread use internationally. He was part of a team that drove the development of digital mammography and was a co-author of the 2005 publication that demonstrated its superior accuracy in the detection of breast cancer in young women and those with dense breasts. He is a co-author with Dr. Etta Pisano of the book Digital Mammography. His current work is directed toward optimization of breast screening, breast tomosynthesis, image quality assessment, breast density and breast cancer risk, and quantitative imaging biomarkers in pathology to inform choices for precision therapy.

The Society of Breast Imaging is a non-profit professional organization of radiologists, medical physicists, and technologists interested in breast imaging. The society has more than two thousand professional members throughout the world. Its core mission is to save lives through early detection, quality education, and trusted information provided to patients, physicians, and organizations worldwide.